In 1964, renowned preacher, veteran of World War II North Atlantic and Pacific campaigns, an educator, Elder Calvin Davis, walked into West Oakland to start Pentecostal Way of Truth Church. He had been an ordained minister for 30 years and was doing the work of an evangelist traveling across the country (often on foot) preaching, teaching, and working with his own hands to build up and establish churches wherever God sent him. As he embarked on what would be a 20 year pastorage, Elder Davis determined to accomplish a vision that would not be denied. Soon, he had a handful of members and began holding services in a storefront building which had only a dirt floor; accompanying himself on a single snare drum played with a twisted wire coat hanger. No matter how humble the surroundings, they could not obscure the power of his preaching, neither could it deter those who flocked to his services. Before long, Pentecostal Way of Truth Church had close to 1,000 members of all ages, from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some traveled from as far away as Monterey and Livermore every day.

In furtherance of his mission, Elder Davis organized and founded 3 non-profit, tax exempt corporations in 1972: the parent corporation (Pentecostal Way of Truth Church) established specifically for religious purposes, the educational corporation (Pentecostal Way of Truth School Academy) organized for K - 12 academic instruction, and the ministerial organization (Pilgrims and Strangers), which he presided over as Head Bishop. Working alongside him in all these endeavors was his minister, Leslie Edwards. Together, these 2 great men lay the groundwork for what was to become Pentecostal Way of Truth Organizations. The School Academy and Pilgrims and Strangers became incorporated in 11 states and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico; expanding to reach around the world as Pilgrims and Strangers credentialed ministers preached the gospel in affiliated churches beyond our borders into the Caribbean and Pacific Rim.

Bishop Davis named Minister Edwards his successor in 1983 and he became the second Head Bishop to preside over Pentecostal Way of Truth Organizations which included the Pentecostal Way of Truth Church Corporation, the Pentecostal Way Of Truth School Academy and the now inactive Pilgrims and Strangers, Inc. respectively. For the next 24 years of his life, Bishop Edwards strove faithfully to build upon the foundation laid by his predecessor Bishop Davis, to bring his vision to fruition: setting forth model programs for spiritual growth and development and which have positive social impact, employing inspired strategies for economic development, and continuing the School Academy's legacy of innovation in academic excellence.